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Finding Unity Within

We will begin with each person attending receiving an quantum field energetic balancing based on what your higher self needs in order to fully attune yourself to unity of the quantum field during the class and the following days while integration completes. You will also receive a color card with the seed of life that matches the frequency you need to ground into the energy of unity with more ease.

After everyone has received their attunement, I will be doing a guided meditation heart opening that leads to the quantum field where everything exists as one. Here there is no separation - no duality. You become part of it all.

This meditation will include the use of Solfeggio sound frequencies to allow for deeper relaxation and I will also be grounding in the energies of the pyramids to amplify the energy received.

After the mediation is complete, I will leave you to float in the quantum field as you receive the benefits of a mini salt therapy session. Once the salt therapy session is complete, I will complete the meditation allowing you to gather what you would like to bring back from the quantum field and have it integrated into your life.

This class is limited to 10 people.

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