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Sound + Himalayan Bath Set w/ Kelvin Young & Nicole Brevetti

Take time out to relieve stress,find inner peace and balance through the transformative powers of sound within the Himalayan Salt Cavern.

Experience your salt therapy session inside the salt cavern with Anti gravity chairs for seating ,dressed in your comfortable attire with a plush blanket to use while relaxing and breathing in the salt particles to cleanse your respiratory system...the room is filled with warm ambiance lighting and beautiful soothing music...the cavern seats 10 guests and is a completely quiet environment without electronics....Bask in the grounding elements of the salt and rejuvenate your soul as you heal your lungs.

All participants will receive the Elemental Bath Set pouch contains Palo Santo or a sage stick, a crystal gemstone for protection or for setting an intention and a lava stone for infusing your doTERRA essential oil if you desired. Nicole Marie's bath salt recipe includes Himalayan bath salt, activated charcoal mineral bath salt and Epson salt to cleanse the aura for a balanced mind, body and spirit within the comfort of your own home after the sound healing session.

Sound Healer, Kelvin Young utilizes the crystal and Himalayan singing bowls, gong, tuning forks, rattles, hand drum and other healing tools to activate the parasympathetic nervous system,calm your mind, relax your body and nourish your soul.

The meditative sounds assist in relieving chronic/toxic stress, muscle tension, addictive behaviors, PTSD, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders and other stress-related health conditions.

Space is limited and seats sells out fast so please register to reserve your spot.

Energy Exchange:$50

Kelvin Young is a Sound Healer and a person in long-term recovery which means he hasn't consume alcohol or any other drug to cope with emotional distress since March 6th 2009. The first time he was exposed to sound healing, Kelvin discovered the sounds of the crystal and Tibetan singing bowls and gongs calmed his mind, relaxed his body and nourished his soul. He went on to study sound healing with Master Sound Healers, Paul Hubbert of the Holographic Sound and Inner Balance and Satya Brat Jaiswal of the International Academy of Sound Healing, Kelvin has also studied with Brian Luke Seaward of Inspiration Unlimited, a renowned international expert in the field of holistic stress management and received his recovery coach certification from CT Community for Addiction Recovery..(CCAR)

Kelvin has presented around the country in diverse settings, including Yoga Reaches Out, Newtown Yoga Festival, Indie Yoga in San Francisco, CA, Alex Grey's Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, yoga studios, retreat centers, conferences, colleges, prisons, addiction treatment centers, psychiatric inpatient units at state hospitals and mental health agencies.

Kelvin also was presented with the 2017 Dr. F. Marcus Brown Memorial Integrative Medicine Award for exceptional commitment to incorporating integrative medicine within CT Valley Hospital, a state psychiatric hospital. Kelvin was featured in a powerful documentary on trauma, addiction and recovery called Uprooting Addiction. He also serves on the board of directors at Manchester, CT HOPE Initiative, Eat The Sunlight Health Inc. and an active member of the Sound Healer's Association.

Kelvin sustains his health and recovery by eating a vegan/plant-based diet, reading, practicin sound,healing,, deep breathing exercises, essential oils, listening to uplifting and relaxing music, body movement, massages, being in nature, journaling, resting and spending quality time with loved ones.,

Today, he continues to share his story of finding freedom from alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, heroin and prescription drugs and facilitates group sound healing sessions at yoga studios, wellness centers, ecstatic dances, festivals, retreat centers, businesses, corporations, non-profit organizations, schools and addiction treatment centers throughout the United States.. He is passionate about holding space for people to heal and is known for his warm, loving and down-to-earth way of connecting with people.

Nicole Brevetti is a licensed Cosmetologist, Reiki hands-on energy healer and has owned her own on-location wedding beauty company for many years. She has taken hair, healing and
harmonized the 3D outside beauty while guiding others to heal their inside beauty and self worth. Her clientele loves her approach. Nicole provides many spiritual, energy and healing
modalities including energy Reiki healing sessions, intuitive card readings and spiritual guidance. Her beauty services to name a few, hair extensions, hair color and cutting, airbrush
makeup, bridal services and much much more…..

Specializing in teaching classes to inspire self discovery, she teaches astrology, numerology, and crystal healing. Her crystal intention bracelets has been a big hit and people love the creativity and healing properties. Spreading her light and reaching others is very important to her. While creating YouTube videos with other healers, holistic practitioners, hairstylist, crystal enthusiasts around the world, she shares her life about addiction recovery and her spiritual awakening. Teaching us that our past does not define us but our experience can be a tool to help others rise from their ashes and become who they were truly meant to be. Her mission on this planet is to help raise the vibrations of others and help them to live a more authentic harmonious life. Love truly is the answer.