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Journey to the Sphinx - Aligning with Your Divinity

Join Tami Reagor for a Guided Mediation to the Sphinx in Egypt from within the Soulshine Salt Cavern.

The sphinx a multi-dimensional portal which can be used to access your divine master blueprint. From within the sphinx you find the key that unlocks the ancient mysteries of your past, hidden or lost knowledge and align with your divinity. Depending on your intention during the meditation, your key unlocks the energies and mysteries that are pertinent to your overall plan, evolution and purpose at this time.

The meditation will start with breathing exercises to open the heart and expand the 3rd eye. We will then journey to the Sphinx and than ultimately your sacred library within the sanctuary of the Sphinx.

During the meditation, the activation codes for what you are to receive in the Sphinx will be downloaded and activated within you. If called to do so, deactivation of trauma to what lies in your past may be run if I am guided by Creator to do so.

The Sphinx awaits - waiting for you to return and remember who you really are - A divine sovereign soul built on Love.

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